Dried and Liquid Kelp, Mulch/Compost, Potting Mix, Seed Raising Mix, Pine Bark, Blood and Bone, Limestone even Reactive Phosphate Rock

Whatever your farming enterprise, KELPOMIX TASMANIA has a broad range of Kelp products to help you optimise production.

NASAA Certified Organic products, through to nutrient enriched blends to suit your needs.

If gardening is more your thing, the benefits of KELPOMIX are unmatched.

Customers rave about our Kelp infused mulch/compost, and report exceptional growth and quality compared with other mulches.

Even nurseries use KELPOMIX potting mix to ensure top quality plants.


Kelp (Tasmania Bull Kelp)

Tasmania Bull Kelp is known world wide for quality and is highly sought after. 

The range of crops that benefit from KELPOMIX liquid applications are nearly endless. 

From pasture to crops, vegetables, herbs and ornamentals, sheep, cows, horses even dogs, the benefits of KELPOMIX are wide ranging and easily achieved.

Garden Goodies

KELPOMIX Mulch and Potting Mix are quality garden inputs that promote vigorous plant growth with exceptional quality and taste (assuming the plants are for eating!)

Regular application of KELPOMIX Liquid to plant foliage boosts the plants ability to resist environmental stresses (heat/cold/water stress) and ward off insects and diseases.

Prompt delivery

Not everyone has a ute or trailer and sometimes it is just easier to have things delivered. At KELPOMIX TASMANIA we offer a complete delivery service, or can arrange delivery anywhere in Australia.

We will deliver small or large quantities of materials anywhere to both residential and commercial properties.

If you don't have the equipment to apply KELPOMIX, we can organise this for you also.

Call today to learn about the benefits from KELPOMIX products.

The bosses veggie patch is extremely productive!